About AGS

Advanced Government Solutions, Inc. (AGS) is an established small business founded in 1999 and incorporated in the State of Maryland in 2004 as USGC, Inc. The company name was changed to AGS in September 2011.

AGS specializes in delivering client-tailored professional, engineering and technical services to homeland security, intelligence, defense and civilian sectors of the Federal Government and large prime contractors.

Our business model and reputation are built on a solid foundation of providing outstanding professional and technical services to our federal clients. AGS has a track record of superior performance, superior government customer satisfaction, and highly motivated, highly productive employees.

We contribute exceptional professional and technical services that help our clients meet their mission needs and goals, on time and within budget, always delivering more and better services than are expected.

Advanced Government Solutions Inc. is a truly unique solutions firm. We help develop strategies, define plans, prepare and deliver proposed solutions, and implement programs to solve problems and achieve goals. Our unique value to clients derives from assembling and managing experienced teams of managers, functional and subject matter experts, scientific experts, technology specialists, and other support personnel who have significant experience in the government arena, who understand the government’s unique problems and challenges, and who have specialized talent to solve those problems. We provide services that are tailored to our client’s needs rather than standard or template solutions as some of our competitors do.

We employ highly experienced managers and have a robust recruitment process that leads to staffing high-quality personnel in widely diverse professional, technical, administrative, and scientific occupations to cover the full array of needs for our clients. To attract and retain the highest quality staff, AGS provides its employees with competitive compensation, big company benefits, and company-paid or subsidized training and education programs to ensure loyal, motivated, and knowledgeable employees on all our projects.

Advanced Government Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Bowie, Maryland. The firm has served clients nationwide and has had current or past projects serving government clients and prime contractors in Northern Virginia; the District of Columbia; Hampton Roads, Virginia; Maryland (Suburban DC); California; New Jersey; and Alabama.